Mom Life Maternity and Baby Boutique carries new and quality consignment maternity and baby wear and gear for all budgets.


While pregnant with my incredible baby girl, Lyla, I realized that the options for maternity wear are limited and I had no idea what size or style of clothing I wanted to wear. This made ordering online difficult. I would order 10 items and only 4 or 5 would actually fit! I wanted to go to a store, touch the fabrics, try on the items and feel good about my purchases in the end. 

I also realized that baby gear is used only for a short amount of time and is usually in good condition afterwards. I chose to purchase most of my baby gear second hand and believe that other items deserve to bring joy to children and families long after their initial purchase.

So while on maternity leave, I began dreaming of a local space where mothers and mothers-to-be could purchase maternity clothing and baby items required for their #momlife. When an ideal location came available in our community’s downtown, I decided to jump in with both feet!

Come visit me in the store or reach out with any questions!

 - Kourtney Hiebert