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Pierre Belvedere

Grow-With-Me Mat & Arches

Grow-With-Me Mat & Arches

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Designed and produced in collaboration with psychomotor therapists, this mat, featuring three removable panels, can be adapted as your child develops. It can be used for a rich and varied range of games, making it a must for any parent who wants to help their baby grow and develop.

The set also includes removable arches you can use to suspend accessories featuring contrasting colours and fabrics, all of which help to stimulate baby.

This early-learning mat has been specially designed to boost baby’s sensory and motor skills.

It’s easy to transport and wash, and will help baby to extend their repertoire of movements, too.

The set’s modular design means it can support your child as they develop.


  • This adaptable mat can be laid out in a number of different ways using 2 or 3 panels.
  • The panels can be placed on the ground, hung on a wall or positioned end-to-end.
  • You can even take it with you to the park.
  • The choice is yours - and your baby’s.
  • This set can be adapted over months or years as your baby develops.
  • Firm but soft fabric helps babies get mobile
  • Promotes good posture and motor skills
  • Develops perceptual skills by helping baby to understand their position in space.
  • Practical, easy to clean, and can be folded up for easy transport.

Hint: Change where and how your baby lies on the mat to encourage them to look in different directions and spark their interest.

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